Field Install Supervisor (2306-376)

Greenville, SC posted on March 26

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Elaine Gallagher Raleigh, NC (27617)
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Responsible for supervision and directing of all activities associated with installing or constructing, collections and customer follow up of the installed sales department.


1. Ensures that all installed sales customers receive superior service.
2. Ensure that all services meet or exceed requirements by regulatory agencies and OSHA.
3. Coordinates installations with store managers, inside salespeople, installers, outside salespeople and customers.
4. Estimates, provides quotes and sells building materials to builders and homeowners.
5. Schedules all projects, installations, deliveries and pick-ups.
6. Schedules and supervises installation crews.
7. Solicits sub-contractors for participation in the installed sales program.
8. Ensures all employees and subcontractors are taught the company’s customer service policy.
9. Alert all installers 30 days prior to any insurance and/or license expirations.
10. Educates, demonstrates product usage, and assists customer with product selections.
11. Maintains rapport with all installers and contractors by telephone, mail and/or by periodically holding meetings.
12. Reviews all building plans or blue prints to determine questions or issues.
13. Prepares and submits periodic reports detailing activities, sales, volumes and expenses.
14. Maintains inventory on all materials needed and orders materials as needed. Monitors costs.
15. Maintains discipline, fosters good employee relations and boosts moral.
16. Supervises personnel and ensures adherence to department/company policies and procedures
17. Performs personnel management duties including training, hiring, terminating, initiating disciplinary actions, completing performance reviews, monitoring and making departmental wage recommendations.
18. Monitors the mechanical and repair records of any vehicles assigned to the installed sales department.
19. Performs other related duties as necessary.


BASIC SPECIFICATIONS: (Requirements to perform at a proficient level and be fully qualified)

1. Minimum education required—High School Diploma or general education degree.
2. Special skills required—Excellent interpersonal, communication, sales, customer service and training skills. Strong knowledge of building material products and lumber. Knowledge of point-of-sales systems, basic business accounting, safety and store security. Ability to calculate figures and amounts. Ability to read and interpret business periodicals, technical materials, and government regulations. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions. Ability to solve practical problems and deal with abstract and concrete variables. Ability to operate networked computer systems and specialized software application programs and to instruct others in effective use of application software.

Minimum experience required—3 years experience in management, preferably in retail management.