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A facelift for the clubhouse!
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    A facelift for the clubhouse!
  • C24bc1441110d08859ac5980c59cf912
    The end result, seen as you walk into the front entrance.
  • 4a8d920257a37ec6c780a1343d1f9229
    Granite countertops in.
  • 28661fe3328ec85aef16eaf59d03298b
    Removed built-in from right side that TV and components were housed.
  • A264acd9f64fcd845cbe61406cbf299c
    This is the finish product before the designer came in,
  • 948401f07362b33d0114d01077bdee7c
    Always ready coffee/espresso machine.
  • F644868a68280e0977f4e5f0a75defd3
    Full kitchen including granite countertops, hardwood floors, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, trash compactor, ice machine, hot/cold beverage machine. Ready for any kind gathering.
  • 4b8b9bbd74f3ef6581bd0c179b61698e
    Pass through window done, now on to the door trim out.
  • 5f793acdc5607174af253d128c7e935e
    Installed tile around the fireplace as well as a custom built mantle to hide audio/ video components for the new LED TV.
  • D56e263db28b2fe8be4484aa7738756d
    Adding a doorway can become complicated.
  • 56237fbf500982257340f518b1c0b6fe
    Color on the ceiling and a snazzy light fixture to bring it all together.
  • 5613fe0e1b3db8b5d1d18bac71dc4577
    Judges panels along all hallway and office wall.
  • 8d88f7ce1790ee1b43907f8355a2bd62
    New kitchen entrance with pass through window, and trimmed out with a column for aesthetics.
  • 7b99a555028cc462840eaa81fde110e3
    This was right in the middle of where they wanted the door. So it had to move, and its not quite as easy when its in concrete.